In the inner city near North Avenue the first thing you will notice are the abandoned homes, no parks, no recreational centers, no place for youth to go but hang out in the streets. Jonathan Roiz, Founder/ President of The Hope Movement grew up in Baltimore and never forgot his roots. He faced violence, poverty; he witnessed the hurt of the people and walked in their shoes. The Hope Movement working along with local churches, community leaders and the community itself has a vision to develop a strategic plan of action to transform the most impoverished communities in Baltimore City into havens of hope. Baltimore City has developed an agreement with The Hope Movement to adopt and manage 7 vacant lots where gangs, poverty, drugs, alcoholism, violence and family dysfunction are consuming the people. The Hope Movement mobilizes a local movement of people from churches and the community to unite and volunteer their time to develop these lots into community gardens, safe parks for families and filling these areas with positive messages of hope and inspiration. While working on these lots in collaboration with the community, the Hope Movement marches down the streets praying for the community and conduct evangelistic events and street outreach at the lots and in the streets sharing a message of hope, counseling youth and adults, provide mentorship, pray with the people and document their cases to provide referrals to assist them with their needs.

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Baltimore: Mission Field in Our Backyard

On Saturday June 4, 2016 a team of volunteer missionaries from Baltimore and as far as Kent Island came to The Hope Movement's vacant lot transformed into a Haven of Hope Community Garden to volunteer a couple of hours of their day to cut the grass, paint recycled tires that we are using as artistic flower beds, clean up trash, landscape and share of the love of Jesus to those in the community.