To bring glory to God alone through the proclamation of the gospel and Christ-like care to those in need.


Our Work

Christ-like & God Glorifying

Along with caring for over 120 orphans i

Poverty Relief

Helping those in Need

We understand that we are called to care for the most vulnerable. The Word of God is clear that Christians are to first and foremost minister to the spiritual condition in which we do, but also show compassion on those in need and bring relief. Through collaborations with those in the mission field, we care for orphans, widows and those in desperate poverty. We provide shelter for those without a home, food for the hungry, scholarships for those without access to education, medical care for the wounded, water for thirsty and love unconditionally.

Jonathan Roiz, Founder and President of

Theology Famine Relief

Proclaiming the Gospel

There is a famine throughout the world. Not a lack of food for the body, but a famine of biblical truth about who is God. Humanity worships a god of their imagination or seeks the benefits of God without desiring God and obeying His commands. Churches prefer to entertain the spiritually immature rather than give them the full counsel of God to bring them to maturity. We are passionate about proclaiming the gospel and teaching theology through evangelistic efforts, teachings and training, expository preaching, bible distribution, and church planting.

The Hope Movement is producing gospel ma

HM Publications

Resources to Grow

We develop resources to edify the body of Christ and to empower the church to proclaim the gospel to the nations in order to make disciples. We write and produce books, videos, podcasts, tracts, and theological educational materials in various languages. We design apparel with biblical messages to assist in evangelistic efforts. We produce music to edify the church. In providing these resources our desire is to see the gospel taken to unreached nations, to see the church mature in biblical truth and God glorified through the passionate evangelistic work of believers around the world.