Along with caring for over 120 orphans i

Poverty Relief

We understand that we are called to care for the most vulnerable. The Word of God is clear that Christians are to first and foremost minister to the spiritual condition in which we do, but also show compassion on those in need and bring relief. Through collaborations with those in the mission field, we care for orphans, widows and those in desperate poverty. We provide shelter for those without a home, food for the hungry, scholarships for those without access to education, medical care for the wounded, water for thirsty and love unconditionally.


Love of Neighbor


The Hope Movement under the guidance of the Holy Spirit responds to the cries of help from those in need around the world. Where there is a need and where God leads The Hope Movement desires to serve those in need to break the cycle of poverty and most importantly show the love of Christ not just through deeds but through the preaching of the Gospel so that they may be saved and in Christ Jesus.

Feeding the Hungry


The Hope Movement provides nutrition to those in desperate need of food in collaboration with sharing the Gospel and providing other resources to meet their spiritual and physical development. This is accomplished through church-based feeding centers, orphanages and special outreach missions in partnership with indigenous pastors and missionaries in the countries where we work.

Orphan and Widow Care


The Hope Movement answers the Christian’s call to care for the orphan and widow through the support of orphanages and church-based foster programs around the world. Along with helping orphans in various nations when God provides the opportunity we have an on-going commitment to care for over 120 orphans in Kenya and this number is increasing.

Quality Education


The Hope Movement provides scholarships to children so that they can attend school from primary to college. We also develop educational programs in our church-based centers to teach children theology, reading, writing, and mathematics and assist them with their school studies.