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Abolish Abortion Movement (03/17/2021) (Christians Attacked)

Today we went out to the abortion Mill that murders babies up to 22 weeks here in Baltimore. We were only a family of five including a 2-year-old, 14-year-old, and a 10-year-old. After being there for only a short period being there a woman and a man came charging at our family yelling racial slurs, telling my wife to go back to her country, and using vulgar language. She then went and tried to destroy our signs. After the man pulled her away we were able to proclaim the gospel to her. The police came to just do their weekly check-up on us and the lady got out of her truck to talk to the police after I told him what happened as well as some other people came to the police. Most likely she thought we called the police on her and was trying to defend herself. I'm not sure what the other people were saying but everything was on camera.

The police stayed around and so did the lady in her truck and the moment our family began walking back to our car they began driving and yelling something outside of the window. We had a watch our back as we drove away to make sure they were not following. Evil is increasing and we see spiritual warfare in the open more than ever. It's time for Christians to count the cost and answer the call.

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