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Abolish Abortion Movement (08/01/2021)

The Abortion Mill in beltway plaza was closed this morning. But we still waited as sometimes they change their schedule to try to confuse our evangelistic efforts. We were about to leave when a car showed up and a man and woman in sweatpants walked over to the abortion Mill. This gave us an opportunity to preach the gospel and plead that they will not kill their baby. They came out after realizing it's closed and the woman gave us the middle finger and the man said F**** this baby. We continued to preach the gospel as they left. Pray that God will change their hearts and will save this baby and their souls. We then drove to another location where there's an abortion Mill five minutes away. As we arrived there were multiple people going in to murder their children. God gave us an opportunity to preach the gospel and to plead for them to save their child. Several people stopped to encourage us and thank us for what we're doing. An elderly woman stopped and told us her story of how she had an abortion and how it traumatized her. She gave us a donation and we gave her a gospel tract. Pray for her that God will save her soul and those who heard the gospel.

Soli DEO Gloria

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