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Abolish Abortion Movement (March 05, 2022) *Language Warning*

Crazy day at the abortion mill. We had a wonderful team, complete families with their children. A catholic lady offered the death escorts donuts and then came to harass the Christians. She even parked her car in front of the preacher and blasted music to drown out the gospel. Later a priest came by and then chaos. Several cars had groups of young people. The girls began yelling and saying the most depraved things. As time went on the group became large and so-called men joined them. One "man" was making a growling sound. They are building a wall to block the gospel, and the maintenance man of the plaza is doing illegal things including following us. We are sure they are looking for ways to stop us legally. It was an intense spiritual battle but the gospel prevailed. Pray for those who heard the gospel.

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