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Ministry Report: Kimilili Kenya Church Plant

Thanks to the support of our donors The Hope Movement has supported a church plant Bethesda Baptist Church in Kimilili, Kenya. We sent support for various needs including chairs for the church, hymn books, Bibles in Kiswahili, transportation to schools for evangelism, evangelistic materials, support for children's ministry including snacks, sports evangelism, food for needy families, and missionary support. Below is a report from Brother Edward Mutesa and their team.


Dear friends,

As we continue to preach the Gospel in this process of a church plant in Kimilili-Bungoma County, Kenya; Romans 8:1 has been of great encouragement. “There is, therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” It gives us joy, hope and we are energized to keep preaching, with the knowledge that we are secure in Christ Jesus. This keeps remaining our focus as we preach in this area, that their freedom from condemnation is not in anything other than Christ.


We are grateful for the support you have provided for this work of the church plant in the Kimilili area. Your partnership with us has acted as a ray of hope to the ongoing work as it has improved our efficiency. We received your donation of ksh61, 000, this month of June. Thanks for this sacrificial giving.


It’s our prayer that we shall remain faithful and committed to the Gospel of Christ Jesus, in this church plant process. These are our main ministry areas this month...

  • Children Ministry: meetings on Saturday and Sunday; we serve them snacks during the session and transport some of them to and from church because they reside far from the church, and their parents are not attending the church.

  • School Ministry: we have been given chance in three schools to start preaching, every week. We have also developed materials as a curriculum, for effective preaching. It’s our prayer that more doors will be opened.

  • Mercy Ministry: as we do door-to-door evangelism, we meet needs that may need support in terms of food. Some even attend the Sunday fellowship, so we reach to them by providing food,

  • Sports Evangelism: Kimilili has a stadium where youths always go training. It remains our strategic focus to reach them.

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