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Report from Kenya

Hello Pastor Jonathan and brothers and sisters in USA,

Greetings from Bungoma Kenya East Africa. Thanks for your prayers for us here in Kenya Bungoma.. we are very grateful for the mission we went to was very successful by the grace of God. We went mbale Uganda namatala community ... the hope movement team we were praying people house to house evangelism.. sharing the word of together with the love of God, many have come to Christ Jesus. We had a Muslim man who was not on our side. He was very rude but God convicted his heart he received the gift of salvation through our lord Jesus name... after sharing the book of Matthew 10:32-37, now he is born again in Christ Jesus. Thank u for sending the money of the orphans here .. we paid the schools both primary and secondary school, really we appreciate you and God using you and your team to support our needy orphans.. they are getting an education, food, etc. May God bless your families in Jesus' name.

We are praying that May God allows you to come over here to minister again.. much love from brothers and sisters.. the challenge we have now, pray with us for our children to have shoes and new clothes, and widows to get food and medical supplies.

Thank u looking forward to seeing u next year. Pastor Fredrick and the team

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