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Supporting Pastor Training in India

We have partnered with Evangelical Baptist Church in India. We are supporting the Pastors Training Institute (RBPTI). There we have around 25 pastors getting trained. We run these classes three days a month. Pastors and elders from various churches and places will stay at the church and attend these classes. We provide them food, travel allowance, teachers' remuneration. Sometimes we give them few books to study. This training to free to those who participate.

Our Church Ministries:

  • Sunday morning and evening services.

  • After the Sunday morning service, Sunday Bible classes for primary, upper primary children, and Special school children.

  • ØYouth meeting for both 18+ boys and girls.

  • Women’s meeting for the church women - taking the Book of Proverbs in their class.

  • Every Monday, a special Sunday class for young children and bible study for women is held in one of our Church members’ house at Pykara, Madurai. Nearly 25 women and 15 children attend this meeting.

  • Every Tuesday, we have a special youth meeting in one of our Church members’ house at Pykara, Madurai. Pastor Mark takes this bible study. 10-15 youth boys and girls take part in it.

  • Every Wednesday, we have church prayer meeting at 7pm. in the church.

  • Every Thursday, Pastor Mark conducts a Bible Study in his residence at Gopalipuram, Madurai. Nearly15 people participate in it.

  • On every Friday, Brother Jude (myself) conducts a Bible Study in Koodal Nagar, Madurai. Few families are attending this regularly.

  • Monthly twice, the cottage prayer meeting is held in one of our church members’ house at Dindigul.

Our Literature Work:

Our Sovereign Lord has blessed our church with talents to do literature work for His glory. There is no good doctrinal books in our vernacular language, Tamil. In the Christian book stores, we have very few English books but they are very expensive and many of our pastors can’t afford them. So we started translating few commentaries and published them. The books we have translated and published are as follows:

  1. J.C.Ryle’s Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew.

  2. J. C. Ryle’s Commentary on the Gospel of John (1-7 chapters; rest have to be printed and published).

  3. J. C. Ryle’s booklet on ‘A CALL TO PRAYER’.

  4. Sam Waldron’s book titled ‘TO BE CONTINUED’.

  5. Henry Mehan’s Commentary on the gospel of John.

  6. C. H. Spurgeon’s Catechism.

  7. The existence of God’ by Pastor Amresh.

  8. Pastoral Oversight’ by Pastor Amresh.

  9. Five Points of Calvinism’.

  10. Republished the book ‘Sovereignty of God’ by A. W. Pink.

  11. Republished the book ‘Abounding Grace’ by Abraham Booth.

  12. Published few tracts.‘Bond Slave’ by Martin Luther.

  13. m. Published few tracts.

  14. Since 2010, we have been publishing a quarterly magazine titled ‘Voice of Grace’.

Our Theology Ministries:

On 19th February 2018, we have started a Reformed Baptist Pastors Training Institute(RBPTI) in our church. We have admitted two batches consisting of 16 student-pastors. Pastor David Ilangovan, senior pastor from Grace reformed Baptist Church, Salem, Pastor John Nelson from Cunnoor, Pastor D. Stephenson, senior pastor from Evangelical Baptist Church (EBC), Madurai, Pastor Mark , Assistant pastor from EBC and Brother Jude (myself) from EBC are the key teaching faculty of RBPTI. Due to this pandemic lockdown, we couldn’t continue our classes.

Apart from this, our senior pastor used to visit various districts in TamilNadu and conducts Bible study and Pastors meeting. In every pastors meeting, nearly 40-50 pastors attend the programme. Mostly they are from the Pentecostal background. Since 2010, he has been reaching many pastors and teaching the ‘DOCTRINE OF GRACE’ to them. We could witness God’s hand in these meetings. Many pastors have come out of the Pentecostal cults and believed in the teachings of the doctrine of grace. They believe in the 1689 Confession of faith. Few of them have united themselves and their churches with our Reformed Baptist Fellowship of India.

Our Social Work

Bethshan Special School is an institution meant for the persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities. This school is running under the administration of our church. It’s a non-residential day special school duly recognized by the state government of Tamil Nadu and registered under Right of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. The persons with intellectual & developmental disabilities need long term care and training to lead an independent. In Indian Context, persons with intellectual & developmental disabilities are considered almost outcasts’ even by families and close relatives.

Facilities provided to the students at a glance / special features of the school:

  • Special Education

  • Habilitation services

  • Speech, Physio and Occupational therapies

  • Behavior management & other psychological intervention.

  • Sex Education

  • Sports & Games ( Special Olympics )

  • Recreational Events ( Dance, Music, Art & Craft )

  • Pre-Vocational, Vocational Training and job skill training.

  • Job Placement and on job training with regular financial monitoring.

  • Trekking, Swimming, Field visits to factories, paddy & other cultivation fields and important places.

  • Networking other organizations.

These are the ministries we as a church doing in and around Tamil Nadu, India. Kindly keep us in your prayers.

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