Jonathan Roiz, Founder and President of

Theology Famine Relief

There is a famine throughout the world. Not a lack of food for the body, but a famine of biblical truth about who is God. Humanity worships a god of their imagination or seeks the benefits of God without desiring God and obeying His commands. Churches prefer to entertain the spiritually immature rather than give them the full counsel of God to bring them to maturity. We are passionate about proclaiming the gospel and teaching theology through evangelistic efforts, teachings and training, expository preaching, bible distribution, and church planting.


Theological Education


The Hope Movement along with preaching the Gospel and teaching theology in churches, conferences, seminars and outreach missions, we also preach and teach through our online broadcast in various languages, which have been watched by hundreds of people around the world.

Expository Teaching


The Hope Movement teaches pastors, church elders, teachers, and all Christians how to preach the Gospel by breaking down the Bible teaching the profound truths that can be found by analyzing each verse rather simply teaching a topical message.



The Hope Movement proclaims the Gospel around the world to the lost by teaching the Word of God and engaging in loving but bold apologetics calling people to repentance as the Holy Spirit regenerates their heart. We travel to communities within the United States and journey into distant lands to bring the gospel to the lost.

Church Planting


The Hope Movement is planting churches or assisting established traditional churches. The churches we plant or assist follow God's biblical design for eldership, worship, preaching, discipline, and edification. For established churches we guide them through the Word of God to return to God's biblical design for the church rather than catering to culture. We find the best and most effective way of following God's biblical design is through establishing churches that meet in homes.

Bible Distribution


This aspect of Bible distribution is taking into account the many Christians in the foreign field who do not own a Bible. We have known of congregations with only one Bible, where the pastor was required to ask permission from the church in order to carry the Bible with him during missionary journeys to other villages.

HM Publications

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We develop resources to edify the body of Christ and to empower the church to proclaim the gospel to the nations in order to make disciples. We write and produce books, videos, podcasts, tracts, and theological educational materials in various languages. We design apparel with biblical messages to assist in evangelistic efforts. We produce music to edify the church.