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The gift of tongues is a topic of debate and curiosity, celebration, and ridicule. Jonathan Roiz takes us on a journey through redemptive history to discover the beauty of the gift of tongues. In a quest to biblically understand the gift of tongues, Jonathan starts from the beginning of creation, the fall of man, the division of languages at Babel, exploring God's extraordinary will to redeem His people scattered throughout the earth. He examines the baptism with the Holy Spirit, four cases of outpourings in the Book of Acts, and explains verse by verse God's directive for the gift of tongues. Through this journey, you will have a clear understanding and appreciation for the gift of tongues that God bestowed upon the church for a specific purpose in redemptive history. In the end, Christ empowers His church by the Holy Spirit to pursue and follow a more excellent way as He leads His people to the final day when Christ comes to gather His bride. There we will witness the fruit of the gift of tongues in the light of heavens glow when we gather with Christ's redeemed from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages (Revelation 7:9-15) in the new heavens and new earth for eternity crying out to our Savior and God Holy, Holy, Holy.



From Babel To A More Excellent Way (Hardcover)

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