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There are many attributes of God and many books have been written to attempt to describe them so that we can comprehend the depth of His infinite, majestic grandeur. Many can name His attributes, they can describe His love, His grace, and they know the Omni’s. They can say He is omniscient, knowing all things, He is omnipotent, He is all-powerful and one of the most well-known is His omnipresence, He is everywhere. However, we often forget or belittle His omnipresence. It’s an attribute we know, but do we truly believe it? If we fully understood His omnipresence would we live differently? If we were constantly conscious of His presence would we think twice about committing secret sins? If we remembered that He is close, see’s our needs and hears our words would we be driven to pray for the sake of simply spending quality time with Him? If we trusted in His awe-inspiring greatness would we be at peace, comforted that He is near and in complete control? Let us ponder these serious questions as we explore God’s omnipresence by listening to His written words which He gave to us so that we may know Him.

Omnipresent God: If we fully understood His omnipresence would we live different

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