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In a world that calls evil good and good evil, the Christian must be equipped for battle to defend the truth of God's Word. The goal of Pastor Hoppe is to take us to the beginning and journey through the Scriptures to discover God's perfect design for humanity. Instead of responding to the many issues we face in this fallen world from feminism, abortion, same-sex marriage, and divorce, he desires to build a biblical understanding of the first institution of God, that is, marriage. In doing so, the reader will then see how to apply the biblical pattern for marriage to ministry and in ministry and be equipped for rebuking those worldly objections to the scriptural model.



Vance Hoppe is the pastor of New Life Baptist Church, in Hawesville, Kentucky. He and his wife, Rachel, homeschool their four children. They enjoy homesteading and worshipping daily together. Vance holds a BA in Christian Ministry from Spurgeon College of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and studied Pastoral Ministry at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary. He and Rachel are founders of STOP Ministries, an organization that trains students in awareness, defense, and relationship building, to avoid sexual abuse and human-trafficking. 



The family has been a point of regular study and necessary admonition in my life and ministry. Our culture is crumbling as the foundation of the home is attacked. This is the first institution of God and has been a source of great revelation of God. Not long ago, we entered into several months of study as a church, building a biblical theology of the Family. These notes are now being made available to help families grow in service of the church and reveal God in our communities. You may pre-order the Kindle version below. Hard copies will be available very soon! I pray this equips families everywhere and serves Christ and His church well.



"Touching on marriage, parenting, gender roles, education, counseling, pastoral qualifications, church polity, and a host of related issues, Vance Hoppe leaves virtually no stone unturned in examining biblical principles for the family. With a fearless presentation of the truth—even when unpopular—this book will leave the reader with much to consider."
Josh Niemi, founder, Expository Parenting Ministries

PAPERBACK: Theology for the Family

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