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Abolish Abortion Movement (06/30/2021)

Today at the abortion mill a man began to yelling obscenities' to our family. We are not sure if he was there to kill his child but either way he was showing his support for child sacrifice. We responded in love about the truth of abortion and shared with him the gospel. As we shared the gospel he stopped harassing us and got in his work truck and drove away. There were several babies murdered however there were two interesting cases. A woman who appeared pregnant went into the abortion mill. While entering we shared her options, that we would even adopt her baby and the truth of the gospel. A short time later (not enough time for her to get pills or any procedure) she came out and drove away. This also happened with another woman who arrived at the abortion mill. Pray that these were saves and that they will not return. Pray that those that heard the gospel today will repent and place their faith in Christ.

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