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Abolish Abortion Movement (12/30/2021)

Our family was evangelizing at the murder mill where they abort (murder) babies up to 22 weeks. A couple came to kill and they could not find the door giving us extra time to offer help and proclaim the gospel. A lady heard us and walked over and then moved her car. She illegally parked on the white line next to handicapped parking. She then blasted rap music to drown the preaching just as they beat the drums as they sacrificed their children to idols. Our microphones were still powerful and the gospel even more. A few times we said I pray your music stops and it cut off. She got out cleaned her car as her music blasted. The police arrived and came to us first. Fortunately, it was the officer we evangelized to and he asked how we are doing and about the holidays. We like seeing him just not in this way, hopefully, he will come to our church. We are praying God is doing work in him. They then talked to the lady who did not turn down her music or move, in fact, he disrespected the police. She was blasting music and illegally parked and they were allowed to talk to them with the music on and still parked in the same spot. She eventually moved but began filming us. Pray for her soul as she heard the gospel, the police, and the couple who entered. Soli Deo Gloria.

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