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Abolish Abortion Movement (May 19, 2021)

It was very busy today at the mill on Belair road. The place was filled and many were pouring in as we were there at noon. A father (coward) walking in the parking lot with his little girl while his other child is being murdered inside. Another woman screamed at us and said do you want to come to watch me kill my child. We did share the gospel with her and pleaded that she save her child. The police (3 cars) did come because the mill said we were using microphones when I just had the cone, he was frustrated to see they lied. But I was able to give Tony Miano's book about his testimony as a former police officer to the officer Pat shared the gospel with for a while and he was very appreciative.

A coward "Father" walks with his little girl in the parking lot as his other baby is murdered compared to a Christian father walking with his little girl to be a voice of the voiceless.

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