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Babies Saved from Abortion

Today our brothers in Christ Jason Cantrell and Bobby McCreery, who live in Atlanta, Georgia, were preaching outside the abortion mill where God saved four babies. One of the mothers is a Colombian woman who recently arrived in the U.S. with her two children and husband. She is 19 weeks pregnant, and when she received a test, they told her the baby might have Turner syndrome, so she arrived at the mill to abort her baby. By God's grace, Jason contacted Jonathan in Baltimore to speak to the mother in Spanish. After speaking with him and hearing the gospel, she decided to keep the baby. Later she called Jonathan and spoke to him and his wife, who is also from Colombia, for 20 minutes and further exchanged texts guiding her through this time. They even offered to adopt the baby. Keep this family in your prayers.

The Hope Movement is also assisting another mother who chose life to secure housing, and today we found out another is seeking assistance. The mother in Kenya, who decided not to abort her baby and received financial support, had her baby, is attending the local reformed Baptist church and has confessed faith in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

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