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Baltimore: Mission Field in Our Backyard

On Saturday June 4, 2016 a team of volunteer missionaries from Baltimore and as far as Kent Island came to The Hope Movement's vacant lot transformed into a Haven of Hope Community Garden to volunteer a couple of hours of their day to cut the grass, paint recycled tires that we are using as artistic flower beds, clean up trash, landscape an

When they first arrived the team joined in a circle to pray. The founder of The Hope Movement, Jonathan, called from Florida and led the prayer over the speaker phone. When the team opened their eyes a man from the community named Derwin had covered their heads with an umbrella to block the sun while they prayed. He said I have seen what you are doing here and its great. I love to pray and I also do landscaping and I would like to help. Derwin felt so loved by the team of missionaries that he stayed around talking with them. Also as they began working Ms. Betty an elderly woman came out of her home which is located next door to the Haven of Hope. She talked with the group, offered her bathroom to anyone who needed it, spoke with Jonathan by phone to say hello and spent time with Lorraine just sharing their hearts. Other neighbors came out and stopped by to say hello, compliment the work being done and receive prayer.

This is The Hope Movement in action. We are The Hope Movement, You are The Hope Movement. There is a mission field in your backyard. People who are hurting, feel alone, feel oppressed, misunderstood and are longing for hope and love. See when we work at the Haven of Hope we are not just transforming the environment which definitely makes a difference, we are doing much more then planting seeds in the ground, we are planting seeds in their hearts. We pray that the Holy Spirit will continue the work starting and will bring many to find true peace in Jesus Christ.

This is what Jesus has called us to do, so will you be obedient and Be The Hope Movement?

Please Join Us Each Month and Volunteer an Hour or So of Your Time. 

To Learn About Upcoming Missions Visit Our Events Page or

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