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Baltimore: Seeking Hope

On Saturday as we were working in the Haven of Hope Community Garden on North Avenue in Baltimore City we were playing worship music and landscaping. As we worked a man came to us and wanted to talk. He said he just got out of jail because he and his ex-girlfriend got into a fight, he is living on the streets and while in jail for two weeks his mother passed away of cancer and he missed the opportunity to see her. He said she was in the house dead for days and no one checked on her. As he spoke this hard man broke down and cried like a child.

We embraced him and shared the Gospel letting him know that the time is now to change. Sometimes things happen and we don't understand. God is sovereign and completely in control but you have no right to blame him. He has shown us great mercy and patience by waiting on us to repent. He listened and we gave him a small book to study Romans. The interesting thing is this man is a Muslim, he was roaming the streets, broken, alone and no one to turn to. But God lead him to a simple community garden and to people who by no merits of their own, who have been saved by grace were sovereignly called to be there showing love through simple acts and had the opportunity to share the Gospel the only solution for his hopelessness. Let us pray for him that the Holy Spirit regenerates his heart, revealing his sin, leading him to repentance and salvation.

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