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On July 21, 2021, a husband and wife team went to the abortion mill in Beltway Plaza. Two people with two signs standing up for the preborn and are ready to offer help and share the gospel. One of the abortionists, a worker at the abortion mill who murders babies for a living came to speak with us. She casually tried to judge our intentions, while twisting Scripture and told us to stop judging people. When we told her its murder she never denied it, this is the video of that short conversation. In the end, the gospel was shared with her and we prayed for her once she left. Not long after a woman in a dress came out and said she works with children with mental disabilities next to the mill and wanted us to move because she doesn't want the children to see the signs. We told her we wish we didn't have to show the signs but they are murdering babies next door to her office. We always try to be respectful to businesses but the gospel must be proclaimed regardless. As we walked back to our car a police officer was waiting with a tow truck to trespass us. We don't walk in the plaza nor park in the plaza therefore they could do nothing, so we walk right past them. This is spiritual battle and Christians must remain bold even when the world hates you. Soli Deo Gloria.

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