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Thanks to your financial support. The Hope Movement funded this missionary journey to remote areas in South Sudan. Below is a report from our missionary. Please continue to give to The Hope Movement so that we can continue our work in helping those in need and proclaiming the gospel to the ends of the earth.


For four years, my wife and I have especially been earnestly praying for five countries; Somalia, Tanzania, Zanzibar Island, South Sudan and DR Congo. It is only last year that the Lord opened a wide ministry door in Tanzania and Zanzibar. And this year, He has opened a door in South Sudan. In Tanzania, Zanzibar and now South Sudan, we are establishing what I am calling “Theological Studies by Extension,” training pastors towards biblical pastoral ministries. Brethren, South Sudan is needy. Extremely needy! Needy on all fronts but especially and most importantly spiritually impoverished. My two weeks of teaching and preaching felt like few drops of rain on the Sahara Desert.

Ministry In South Sudan.

I arrived in Juba on 11 November 2021 early in the evening and was received by brother William Wol who is doing street ministry in the city. We spent the evening with brother William briefing me generally on the spiritual status of the country giving me a big picture of what to expect and what is needed. He made it clear that I will be hard-pressed to find one healthy, sound, solid, biblical local church within the capital.

The following day, we went to the streets with his team giving me a taste of the street ministry they were doing. They did wound care while I preached the gospel. See photo

uba was not my final destination. So, the following day, 13th November 2021, I took a one hour thirty minutes flight to Bar Gha Zel state, Aweil County, North West of Juba where I was scheduled to teach and preach for twelve days. I touched down safely and went straight to teach young men who are being trained for ministry. From there, I was warmly received and welcomed by brother Achiech of WEER BEI radio station. See photos below:

In the evening of the same day, I started a small, night bible study meeting with six young men basing our study on the gospel and the new birth. We met and discussed theology with this group every day from 8.00 p.m from the first day of my arrival to the last day. See photo below:

On 14th November 2021, we left town and went to the jungle, to a Dinka village church where I preached the gospel under much help. Later on, I gathered the women and urged them to devote themselves to the reading and studying of the Scriptures and teaching the same to their children at home and to other women who cannot read. See photo below:

On the same day, in the evening, I gathered with six young married men under a tree- and I charged them to be men of the Book, to read and study their Bibles daily and to disciple their wives and children. See photo below:

On 15th November 2021, we went to Mayen Ulem town where I taught twenty pastors and evangelists. In the evening the pastors took me to the market where I preached the gospel to a crowd under a tree. The Lord helped me greatly- I could sense His presence and I preached with great power and unction. See photos below:

On 16th November 2021, we went to Wedwill town where I taught twenty pastors and evangelists. I met them again the following day. See photo below:

On 18th November 2021, we went to the jungle again and spent the day with Lolmading church- a largely women church with only nine men. Again, the Lord helped me teach and preach with much power. Oh, how they fixed their eyes on me! You could see that barrenness on their faces! Everything, from their gazes to their leaning forward sitting postures made them look like a barren sandy desert on a rainy day. I was greatly encouraged when at some point, they refused to go out for their short break but insisted that I should continue speaking. See photo below:

On 19th November 2021, we left very early in the morning and went even further and deeper into heart of the jungle and spent time with children, teenagers and youths of Rialdit Pingdong community. I did two sessions focusing on the gospel with Q and A breaks. See photo below:

From Rialdit Pingdong, on the same day, we went to Bol where we met a small church that meets under a tree and I gladly proclaimed the gospel to them. See photo below

From Bol, we ended our day in Aguangguang where I taught a small youths Bible study group. See photo below:

On 20th November 2021, we went to Pannhial village where I taught seven church planters. Later on, I was hosted by brother Malok in his short-wave radio station which is mainly broadcasting to Khartoum, Northern Sudan. See photos below:

On 21st November 2021, I preached the gospel to a South Sudan Community church gathering in Aguangguang. Later on, I gathered the men aside and among many other things, I urged them to devote themselves to the daily reading and studying of the Scriptures. See photos below:

On 22nd November 2021, we spent the day in WarWar senior school preaching the gospel to the students. Speaking to different age groups, genders and set ups somehow gave me a general feel of the spiritual state of the people in South Sudan as we prayerfully consider establishing some long-term work. See photo below:

On 23rd Novermber 2021, I preached the gospel to a youth gathering in Maluakon town. See photo below:

Later, on the same day, we travelled to Aweil town where I preached in my last meeting. It was a well-attended meeting where the organizers asked me to preach an evangelistic message. I preached from Isaiah 6. Oh, with what power the Lord visited my preaching that day! I had not experienced such power and unction in all my meetings! See photos below:

The Man Behind All The Meetings

Brother Zechariah Garang Akoon is the man behind all the meetings that I taught and preached in South Sudan. He is the pastor of Lolmading church. A small church in the jungle. He planned the entire itinerary, mobilised people and organised all the meetings. Pray that this dear brother will know the manifold blessings of the Lord in his life and ministry. See photo below, brother Zechariah, his wife and children:

How To Pray And Support:

1. Praise the Lord with us for the wide-open door in South Sudan and the platforms he has given for the proclamation of His gospel and advancement of His Kingdom.

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