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GUATEMALA: Medical Assistance To A Child

A family who lead a small church in the mountains of San Juan Sacatepequez, Guatemala, which is an indigenous community. This is an extremely poor family and they have a son named Pedro Jose. He has many medical issues since his birth. However, recently he has been having convulsions and has fluid on the brain. The immediate need is for a surgery to insert a tube in Pedro Jose to drain the brain fluid that is collecting. A missionary contacted us requesting assistance for this family as we have a long history with them. They were able to negotiate the price of the surgery from Q7800 to Q2800 which is about $375.

The Hope Movement was able to send the funds this week and we are happy that little Pedro Jose will soon have the surgery. We give God all the glory for giving us the opportunity to provide Christ-like care to someone in need. Please continue to pray for this family and there are many needs but our God is sovereign, working all things for our good and His glory.

Soli Deo Gloria

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