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Hope at the Trash Dump

On June 15th our team in Guatemala traveled to Puerto de San Jose where we met a beautiful group of children at a local school, most who live four kilometers (3 Miles) away from the school in the village Los Tubos. They live and work at the trash dump to help their families survive by recycling materials found in the dump. These children travel by old raggedy bikes or by foot alone or in groups amid sugar cane and banana crops in order to study at this school. We met the school director, Azmitia and a teacher and they explained to us that the children often arrive to school with an empty stomach, making it difficult for them to focus on their studies. 

During our visit we shared the Gospel with the people, taught them the importance of education and hygiene. Pastor William played the guitar and sang with the children and prayed for them. We feed the children and distributed donated clothing to each child. After our time working at the school we then visited the families homes near the trash dump to encourage them, provide for their needs and pray with them.

The Hope Movement feels in our heart that God is leading us to assist these children by providing breakfast for them 5 days a week. Please consider adopting this project by becoming a monthly donor. Your gift will provide nutrition and strengthen these precious children so they be healthy and focused on their studies.

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