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JULY REPORT: Ministry Report: Kimilili Kenya Church Plant

Thanks to the support of our donors The Hope Movement has supported a church plant Bethesda Baptist Church in Kimilili, Kenya. We sent a support for various needs including chairs for the church, hymn books, Bibles in Kiswahili, transportation to schools for evangelism, evangelistic materials, support for children's ministry including snacks, sports evangelism, food for needy families, and missionary support. Below is a report from Brother Edward Mutesa and their team.


Dear friends,

It’s a great Joy to partner together in this call to reach out for Christ Jesus. Its sometimes heavy on our shoulders but it is an encouragement to us, as we know that we have brethren that also stand with us in this labor in the kingdom. Romans 6:5. “For if we have been united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly be united with him in a resurrection like his.” This encourages us in hope and perseverance in preaching the Gospel. Also, we are encouraged by your commitment and courage in preaching Christ in the Abortion mill. You are always in our prayers in that mission.


We are grateful for the July support. Thanks for this sacrificial giving.


In the month of June, it had extreme challenges, since the government restricted church meetings in western Kenya as part of COVID-19, containment measures. We had to suspend some of our activities and concentrate on the areas that were not restricted.

We focused a lot on the school ministry; since the schools are on sessions. It was a great time to share the gospel with the students in various schools. We have three schools we visit every week, in a program called Teens Bible Club.

It’s our prayer that the government opens up the western part of the country so that we resume our programs and Sunday service.

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