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Kenya: Reformed Family Conference

This past week The Hope Movement sponsored part of our team in Kenya who pastor churches and care for orphans to attend a special conference 2 hours away from Bungoma in Kisumu. Pastor Conrad Mbewe was one of the pastor's who preached during this conference and he is considered the Charles Spurgeon of Africa.

This conference was to provide sound doctrine in a place that has been consumed by false teachings and give a solid Biblical foundation to go a take the knowledge gained to preach the Gospel and revive churches bring them back to the sufficient Scriptures and sovereignty of God.

Below is the testimony of our team who attended this conference, Soli Deo Gloria (To God Be The Gloria Alone)


Dear Brother Jonathan and all friends in the USA.

Greetings OF Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to you all and yours ,we are more than happy to write to you just to say thank you that you supported us to go to the seminar at Kisumu and it has been really meeting with God and experiencing the real Biblical Christianity ethics ,understanding the Church history from where the church begun and the reformists who did not succumb to what the people could say but what the bible says. We have learned exactly what the Bible needs us to and what it does not want us to.

We also realize the exact need of God from us as we learn from reformists like Martin Luther, John Calvin, who did not bow down for what the council of the land said and what the Pope said despite how strict and dangerous he was and how it was that time they rebelled from what the Roman Catholic worshiped or were like.

We have a new mind and way of leadership ,mentorship ,teaching, worshiping, and way of living according to Bible, in other words we have realized that obedience to the word of God and exactly the word leads one to being blessed and going the way of God that results to what one needs in life.

All the leaders we went together to the seminar at kisumu wish to testify in person what each has experienced and how blessed each are but due to distance brother Jonathan allow me to pass all this testimonies in a paraphrased way to you. Yes brethrens have received the only way to blessings, peace as the result of a true Gospel.

Surely all the team that have been to Kisumu have also promised to raise the standard of our Bible school into one of the credible school. The teachings also helped us to understand the power of Gods word in the sufferings and the saving others in the times when one wants to commit suicide, the power of learning the true gospel.

Yes this the clear picture that we didn’t know about brother Jonathan thank you so much and it is our prayer the Hope movement Bungoma and our families not forgetting the orphans who are the most beneficiary of the teachings we have had because with them will have them as the foundation of their lives as from now thus why I count it better chance than the old whom some struggle with changing from what they used to do. Sure it is not only with the old but also with the young ones and our community since we are going to reach even the small groups in the areas we stay as saints.

All the materials u have been sending to us is actually what we want to our school and we know it is going to bear much fruits in fact we request that if you have or get in conduct with good people who can teach the word of God the true Gospel that will led most of us and the team to correct route. Plz send them don’t wait we want people to go to heaven and more so to prosper physically and spiritually by understanding the true Gospel.

Brother Jonathan plz we pray you understanding that all that you have been doing to raise the standard of the Hope movement Bungoma Kenya it is most appreciated and considered breakthrough for Gods glory.

Thank you in advance for the good plan you have for us that we get the true Gospel this side. Otherwise regards from saints and the team in Kenya .Looking forward to read from you.

Yours Pastor Fredrick and the Team.

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