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Kenya: Update about Bible School

Greetings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ trusting in Him that you are fine and family not forgetting friends in the USA whose prayers and support together for the work of God here in Kenya cant go unmentioned or seen but it is evident.

Thank you for the prayers and the questions that you send to us we have given the students and for sure it is a good theology and through that the students have begun to see great changes of perception than before for they didn't understand what it meant by theology and Christian living as well as discipleship. We are basing on biblical Christianity which of course has done much in that many students have strictly changed after being challenged all around their lives. And in this regard the effect has reached even the community around. each student is even able to reach out and win one or two people to Christ and disciple them as well.

The bible school is now becoming big and more students are eager to join as many are seeing what has taken place in the few months or years since you begun to send us the biblical theology and questions.Yesterday we were marking the examination that the students did and wow they have passed and said this examination is helping them every time they sit for each paper.

We are also having teachings on family planing and their workshops as well as domestic life style in their homes and families to be good examples as leaders.

Thank you looking forward to reading from you all Though we are also looking forward to planing for your coming soon.

Yours Fredrick.

Pastor Fredrick Makhanu

Kenya Board Member/ Program Manager

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