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Mission Field Report: Kenya - September 2019

Dear brother Jonathan and team in the USA.

We sent you Calvary greetings from here with faith that you are doing fine all in one accord.

It is with great pleasure that all departments here are in motion with results that are tangible, yes the Children are in schools, thanks very much for your monthly support of helping Education and physical food, Bibles, etc… we have payee the school fees both secondary schools and primary schools.. some of the Schools they have given some of our orphans sweaters they need parents pay for it, who are now the Hope Movement . My God bless you all.. I will be sending some pictures on facebook.. The challenge is that twenty orphans of them have been so sick from pneumonia and high fever, skin disease and Typhoid and infections disease. Which has really costed us, we still have outstanding bill to offset.

The bible school is with very outstanding results that all students we can surely say we are building discipleship movement which is bringing in a lot of harvest, glory to God for such. This has brought in questions from ladies ministry which we cannot answer that but we pray you arrange to sent ladies that we strictly host women conference in that trough that, they can freely share their own issues that in the midst of men, so they have really been on our neck for to consider them also.

The members in all regions have sent their thank you through us to you and the team in USA, for the bibles which we have kept on issuing to them as we buy always, please thank you all you dear friends for understanding and considering us part of you.

We are looking forward to have you here in Kenya home next year as we do keep lifting you before the throne of mercy.

Thank you in advance for all your prayers towards us here in Kenya and the ministry and may him God bless you as you pass our love to all saints.


pastor Fredrick and the team.

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