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Mission To Amsterdam and Kenya

This week Jonathan Roiz and Shawn Hill of The Hope Movement will be traveling to Kenya where The Hope Movement cares for 120 orphans and shares the Gospel through churches and Bible studies. On this mission they will be preaching the Gospel and teaching sound doctrine in a conference, will be preaching the Gospel in local schools and on the streets. They will also be street preaching on their layover in Amsterdam. Along with preaching and teaching they will be distributing clothing, mosquito nets to protect from malaria and have a plan to raise enough funds to install a borehole water well for the community. They are a lot of need and we want to make the most of this mission and see transformation in this community.

You can be part of this by giving a donation of any amount and by sharing this fundraiser with your friends. Please partner with us to make the difference in Africa.

Share this email with your friends and family and encourage them to give today!

Please consider giving a donation of any amount TODAY! You can mail your donation to our address on the website or online by clicking the link below. Please act NOW and give a donation TODAY!

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