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Missions of Hope

We equip, send, and support Christians who are called to world missions. There are billions of people in our world who are unreached or undiscipled. As a member of the body of Christ, we are all called to make disciples whether where we are or from afar. For some, they may be called to full-time mission work in the United States, for others they God may send them to a distant land.

WE EQUIP...missionaries and prepare them for the mission field. We do this by confirming their calling, theological training, language training, and financial and logistical preparation. 

​WE SEND...missionaries to places where God is leading them. Perhaps a community with a completely unreached people group or a place where there is a need to plant a biblical church.

​WE SUPPORT...missionaries by supporting them financially. Most missionaries have to spend a large part of their time seeking donations. We want to remove that burden by fundraising on their behalf so that they can focus completely on their mission.


We will be announcing soon mission locations and current and potential missionaries to support.


Help bring the gospel to the ends of the earth by becoming a regular financial supporter to our missionaries.

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