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Monthly Africa Report: June and July 2017

June and July 2017 Report:

Greetings of our Lord Jesus Christ to you all this just to extend our gratitude to you all for what God is using you to accomplish especially in Kenya Bungoma Hope Movement. It proofs to us the beauty of God and providence that is divine. The orphans were able to go to school and had good time in school and attended all lessons, dear ones we are proud of you for much work you have done for the fees and food that you supported us and the orphans. We have had much rain which caused one of the widow’s houses to collapse/fall down so we are looking for a way on how we can construct/build another house for her as God provides. The Hope movement team has unity and we are working together as bees and ants. We trust God that much is going to be accomplished. It has been of recommendable and appreciative work done through you all friends in the USA.

August 2017 Report:

We give God all the glory for pastor Fredrick trip to the USA and back to Kenya. thank you dear ones for the hospitality spirit you gave to our pastor and tender care WHEN HE VISITED AND SPENT IN YOUR HOUSE AND MEETING THE USA HOPE MOVEMENT TEAM ON SKYPE , that was the heart of God and to his out and in look we can tell how much care you gave to him for he proofs to us that he was very comfortable while in the USA. We also thank God for Brother Jonathan’s Mother Mom Linda. As pastor Fredrick arrived from USA. He had morning/breakfast with the orphans all together 120 orphans. After which went around visiting schools to know how the children/orphans performed in every subject in both primary and high schools. Some the orphans have been so sick as we had an outbreak of malaria in Kenya as a Nation but we thank God through the Hope movement team who made sure every orphan who was sick was taken to hospital for treatment, one of the orphan called Naliaka was admitted in hospital for three days for pneumonia and malaria. The high school orphans are performing well we have some receipts and others not yet so we shall be able to send in those receipts that we already have next week. The new orphans which came in later were found in as a result of the by elections of 2007 and the parents are not there and the children had nowhere to go but the church of which the home fellowships are the ones that received them and that is where they are staying even now and pastors who joined us and some are staying with the pastors. The time Jonathan and the father Jim were in Kenya preaching and teaching these orphans and pastors were with us and the Hope movement Kenya had nothing to do but to accommodate them all. We also thank God for you sending to us the teaching for that is what we are using in the bible school they are fundamentals to the ministry and each of the leaders who are students in the school so brothers Craig, Jonathan and Shawn. Your teachings are full of bible doctrine we can’t afford to leave them we are going to work with you and we need to have the teachings please continue sending to us. We also need you all here in Kenya please plan to visit soon and see what you have been investing in the people of God here in Kenya. We are also attaching photographs to you for the orphans about their ongoing.

New Story:

It is our prayer and cry to God that we have sustainable projects in that we need dairy cows and sewing machines for widows ,poultry ,small group micro-financing, small businesses like timber selling, fencing posts, supplying fire wood to schools, agri-business/horticulture. Also our widows need to repair their houses some are falling down, Thank for the Swahili bibles you bought we will send you the photographs. The team here is in prayers and praying for you all there in the USA.

Yours secretary,

The Hope movement Kenya

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