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New EBook Now AVAILABLE By Jonathan Roiz

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Title: His Story - Finding Christ in the Old Testament

There is an attempt to redefine who is Jesus, to redefine Christianity. For many, we perceive the Old Testament with boredom, fear, and contempt. We find it to be violent, cold, and unrelatable. Jonathan Roiz takes you on an easy to understand journey throughout the Old Testament to reveal how the Word of God is not two separate books, but one book, with one theme, Jesus Christ. Christ is the creator of all things, Throughout human history, Jesus is the sustainer of all things. In Revelation Jesus is the restoration of all things. When Jesus said that He is in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms or the Writings He was saying the entire Old Testament was about Him. Jesus Christ is the focus of the story; redemptive history is His story.

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