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Open-air Preaching During Drug Fight (07/17/2021)

After evangelizing for several hours at a.m. abortion Mill Pat and Jonathan went down to North Avenue in Baltimore City. When we arrived a car pulled behind us and many others came. In a matter of seconds, a large group of people that we're fighting over drugs most likely with their drug dealers began to break out as they argued and threatened violence. They were on the sidewalk and in the street. One man had a 4x4 and was ready to pound people in the head. Even though we were concerned they would begin shooting, Pat turned on his microphone began to preach. One drug dealer tried to get him to leave. He later came back and apologized and shook his hand and listened to the rest of his message. Within a matter of minutes after the preaching began the fighting ceased and the people went away. That is the Providence of God and the reason why we must be obedient. Soli Deo Gloria.

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