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United Ministries Gospel Outreach (UMGO)

October - December 2020

ACTIVITIES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS: All to the praise and honor of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ


Another 150 pcs of face shields with gospel tracts inside was distributed to different schools in partnership with the School Principal of Banquerohan, Mrs. Erma; 50 pcs to Homapon Elementary School distributed to students/parents, 50 pcs to Bagacay, Elementary School and 42 pcs were given to Gallanosa Nat’l High School (a quarantine facility) and the others to different individuals. In partnership with our Filipino friends from America we were able to provide a new bike for our Pastor friend here in our area, it just happens to fall on pastor appreciation month which was awesome. We also amid the pandemic finished the Church History Class online at BCCL with teacher Tim Lewis from America.


  • In response to the devastation caused by Super Typhoon Rolly, in joint effort and cooperation, we distributed 110 food packs with gospel tracts in them, 50 pcs face shields, some items of clothing and toys to provide aid to families greatly affected by the typhoon, again this was done in partnership with various ministries in the province of Albay. The recipients were from Guinobatan, Daraga, Tabaco, and Legazpi City.

  • Also provided Gospel of John booklets and gospel tracts to different groups to go with their relief goods operations.

  • We provided funds to rebuild 4 worship centers and 1 residential house greatly damaged by the typhoon by providing aid for roofing materials, lumbers, G.I sheets, PVC pipe, and other construction materials.


Gave out 20 packs of rice and sotanghon noodles for 20 families in Legazpi City on thanksgiving celebration, provide spaghetti and hotdogs packs for 4 different outreaches (Sipi, Balinad, Bahi, Loyang, and Camalig) for children’s Christmas gathering, share the gospel, and gave out the gospel of John booklets and gospel tracts in Camalig, distributed 100 pcs face shields with gospel tracts in Bahi and Namanday, all this in a joint effort and cooperation with 4 different ministries in Albay.

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