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Philippines Mission Report: July – Sept 2020


United Ministries Gospel Outreach

July – Sept 2020



We were able to give out food packs to 10 families from different locations. Barangay Cagbacong, Bariis and Banquerohan, Legazpi City in partnership with the School Principal of Banquerohan, our previous landlord and friend.

In partnership with Ms. Sally, a sister in Christ who has a fruit and vegetable stand in our barangay covered court. We were able to give out food packs with a gospel of John booklets to 11 families who have been hit hard by the COVID 19 pandemic. God has graciously connected us. It’s been an amazing journey experiencing God’s moving among us.

Our Lord doesn’t always work the same when it comes to supplying the food packs, the gospel tracts, or financial help. Many times, it’s a total trust in His moving in a direction that we didn’t anticipate, but never the less He directs us. The pictures below are such the case, we bought 30 food packs with facemask and gospel tract in it and gave them out in four different ways in Barangay Sagpon. First, we gave one to sister Gemma who works the streets collecting cardboard and plastic bottles for her family’s survival, you can’t see it but her baby Cristina is asleep in the carriage on the floor. The next is a group of 10 pedicab drivers. Next was our local garbage collector who we gave one pack and to 3 more individuals. Our final giving in the partnership was 15 packs to Pastor Eduardo who distributed to families in our area who also were in need, this resulted in two families opening their homes for a bible study, all praise honor, and glory to God through Christ our Lord whom we serve.


Providing for other ministries; Pastor Job and Emy - 50 booklets of Tuklasin, 50 booklets of Book of John, and 40 booklets of the Book of James to be used during the pandemic on their Home Bible Study program. Pastor Rostom a long-time partner in ministry outreach received 5 reams of bond paper, 300 pieces of facemask, and 12 face shields for teachers and students for the continuation of their children’s literacy program in 6 outreaches. The Pandemic has caused such uncertainty in many poor areas where jobs have been lost.


The government requires the mandatory wearing of face shields aside from facemask in public transportation, supermarkets, public markets, shopping malls, and government venues as additional protection from COVID-19. UMGO Ministries has given out 150 pcs of face shields with gospel tracts to schools namely Banquerohan Nat’l High School, Taysan Elementary School, etc. for students, teachers, and parents in partnership with the school principal of Banquerohan, Ms. Erma. Given out also 30 pcs to the neighborhood.

The giving out of 40 food packs to pastors in four different municipalities, Legazpi, Daraga, Camalig, and Tabaco. This has been with great excitement, a lot of shopping, repacking, and connecting. We believe the Holy Spirit as the Scripture teaches, guides us and helps us to contact those we know who are connected with Pastors who have needs too. On this occasion, we contacted Pastor Tony who is much like an overseer in various locations. It is Pastor Tony whose wife is the director of BCCL leadership school where Cristina and I are attending. The blessing is also extended to us here at UMGO Ministries with the purchase of 400 face shields at a much lower price. The pictures Pastor Tony sent are from the 40 Pastors who received food packs in different locations all to the glory and honor of Jesus our Lord.


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