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Phillippines: Helping With College Tuition

Thanks to our wonderful donors (Family Members) we were able to respond to an urgent need for a brother in Christ. Kirby is entering his 4th year of college. He is from an island called "Masbati" and travels by ferry boat to attend school. Kirby's family experienced a lot of hardships like many here in the Philippines, his father was a policeman and was killed in an ambush, his mother left him with his grandparents to raise him. Kirby's family helped him with school up to this time and now they can no longer help. The school is now asking for funds for his final year of school so he tried to get another job to help pay but did not have the money. He is a fine young man and very dedicated to our Lord in ministry. Thanks to generous donations funds were sent to the Phillippines to help Kirby. The school tuition is paid for and he is now studying.

Soli Deo Gloria

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