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Report from Kenya

Hello brother Jonathan and all brothers and sisters in USA,

Greetings from us in Kenya, we are doing well. Thank you for your prayers, all our children/orphans are doing well right now. Although this month has been tough to us because orphans has been suffering from typhoid, malaria and skin infection. Six of them plus my daughter but they are recovering after being treated. On treatment my daughter and other children we paid [KSH 37000] medical bill and for doctors’ consultation. Thank you for your help and your prayers. May GOD bless you.

Thank you for sending money for school fees for both primary and secondary, we paid for them. May God bless you all for what you are doing for Kenya. We are very encouraged by your support and all that you are doing for our families.

Thank you for the money for purchasing bibles.

Our churches is back for normal services. We thank God for that. Our bible classes are going on well, pastors are going on well, what they need is continue to pray for their families. Still our bible classes are done in homes of pastors.

The problem that we are facing is feeding of orphans and widows. Thank you for all theology material that you send on Hope Movement website/Facebook.

We are looking forward for a permanent solution for having clean water so as to do away with typhoid fever. Continue praying for us for all this needs to be made by God.

We are looking forward to have zoom meeting with you so that we can pray together.

May God bless you; we love you all and you are welcome to Kenya.

Pastor Fredrick and the team.

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