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Return from Kenya

We just returned from Kenya and witnessed great need but also hope pouring into the lives of children and widows through a team of pastors and nurses. The children we met were orphaned by the death of parents and abandonment and were rescued by a local pastor and his team. 

The Hope Movement registered as a Kenyan non-profit and we are managing this project in Kenya. We saw a great need to purchase additional land and build houses for the children to reside. With the land they will be able to sustain the program through farming and in time a school will be constructed for the children.

We need your help to help these precious children and widows. Please give a donation to The Hope Movement to help transform the lives of these orphans.

Please Give A Donation TODAY To Help Us Meet Our Goal!

Give A Donation To Help Provide The Following To Kenyan Orphans:



Build New Houses for the Orphans

Mosquito Nets

Clothing and Shoes

Purchase Land

Farming Program

Widow Assistance

Medical Care


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