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Shaking The Comfort Zone

Fatherless, Motherless, Hopeless the result of selfishness. Longing for a loving caress. Drowning in the abyss of society’s lack of knowledge that I exist. Imagine you in my place, the result of human disgrace. 100,000,000 like me. More slavery now than in history. In the U.S. alone 50,000 women and children are trafficked annually. They abide where you reside. But you never heard their cry. This is an emergency for a movement of hope. Psychological contamination fed into the blood stream from generation to generation. Family disintegration. The definition of family in a state of disintegration. But there is a hope for family reconciliation. Impoverished souls, in impoverished conditions. Self medication suffering from hope malnutrition. The face of racism changed from segregation to immigration. But there is a hope for the purification of the heart pollution. 

Non-profits profit from words without action. One-man show motto has left the innocent in a never ending ghetto. While awards are past out to the new Philanthropist hero. An illusion of transformation. Four walls blind the church. They remain in the comfort zone of their seats while children cry out “Help me I am tired of being beat”. Titles for the leaders to make them into more then what they are. Religious super-star. Drive their Bentley on the church dollar. While spiritual and physical genocide lead millions to slaughter. Religiosity mixed with hypocrisy, denominational barriers, lack of unity. Groups of terror will die for their cause. Yet we won’t unite to reach out to those on the other side of our four walls. But the Hope Movement is here to cause those walls to fall. 

I have a vision of the elimination of self concentration. A flood of hope, flowing through the streets like a mighty river. Consuming all in its path, so powerful that the walls of your comfort zone begin to quiver. Raising the seeds into blossoms of hope from the ashes of despair. Changing the atmosphere from oppression to the formation of transformation. Imagine a thousand a month taking over a community. Not a thousand organizations and denominations, only unity. Transforming a street a week. Once known for dope, is now a haven of hope. I am tired of all that is going on. We are reaping what we have sown, trapped in our comfort zone. No results because nothing was done. But today that changes for a hope movement has begun. The world is God’s canvas, and He gave us the brush. To develop His creation into a work of art. Yet we abused our responsibility, creating a cycle of hypocrisy and physical and spiritual poverty. Over half a million gang members in central America alone. The result of not reaching out to youth longing for hope. 

It is time for us to unite as one. Every authentic regenerated Christian who base their walk on Biblical sound doctrine. Encouraging one another, supporting one another, communicating with one another, creating plans and ideas together, collaborating in street outreach, and together providing a solution to the heart pollution. Medicating the heart infection with education, inspiration, and arms of love....The Gospel. Transforming the darkness into light. One becomes a thousand. A ripple in the sea of troubled waters forming a flood of hope. 

There is much to be done. Because much has not been done. There is so much need in the world today that the people need an army reaching out to them, not just an arm.

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