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Support a Mission Trip to Sudan

Support our missionary from Kenya who now has an opportunity to travel to South Sudan in early November 2021 to train pastors.

Below is a list of financial needs for this mission. Please consider giving a donation online or by mail at

1. MOMBASA to LODWAR will take 4 hours by flight and cost 150 dollars. It will take me almost 4 days if I travel by bus and cost 80 dollars. I desire to save time and also keep some strength for preaching since traveling by bus is very tiring.

2. LODWAR to KAKUMA will take 3 hours by bus and cost 10 dollars.

3. KAKUMA to SUDAN/KENYA border will take 3 hours by bus and cost 10 dollars.

4. SUDAN/KENYA border to KAPOETA will take 11 hours by lorry or probox and cost 30 dollars- this is a very dangerous route full of bandits. The problem is there are no options and there are no flights.

5. KAPOETA to JUBA will take 11 hours by land cruiser (there are no buses on this route) and cost 50 dollars.

6. JUBA to AWEIL will take 4 hours by flight and cost 150 dollars. AWEIL is my final destination. It will take me almost 4 days and cost 120 dollars if I travel by bus. The road is extremely dangerous and full of bandits. Also, bus traveling will be very tiring considering that I will be required to preach for ten days.

If possible, It will be very helpful if I travel by flight in number 1 and 6.

TOTAL - 400 dollars. But this is only a one-way cost. Multiply it by two- 800 dollars.

7. I am estimating that food, COVID test, accommodation, and miscellaneous for the entire trip will cost 120 dollars. I will have to sacrifice a lot. I will stay in AWEIL for ten days.

Add 800 dollars to 120 dollars- 920 dollars. 920 dollars is the TOTAL amount that the whole trip will cost.

The hosts have started organizing meetings. They told me that I will teach and preach in the following places:

1. In their churches

2. In their Bible school

3. In the streets and villages

4. In different homes

I know the cost is huge but we pray and trust that the Lord will provide.

Much grace to you.

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