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Supporting a New Church Plant in Kenya

Bethesda Baptist Church Kimilili

We thank God who has allowed us to work in His vineyard as co-laborer.

We thank God because in the land of Kimilili the Gospel is being preached.

A few weeks ago we had our very first full day VBS and we had quite a number of Kids and the time with them was just refreshing and amazing.

Since the beginning of the work in Kimilili we have been reaching any families with the gospel and talking to them about the Lord Jesus. Most families have welcomed us some did refuse to let us because they were Muslims. But all in all, we have seen the grace of God all through.

As we preach we have come to the realization we have the need for Swahili Bibles because most of the people understand Swahili better, and yes we would love to reach all of them and leave no one behind as we proclaim the whole counsel of God.

The kids have been coming, together with a few families and now the meeting room has become so small for us to be meeting with the Covid 19 regulation, we are trusting God for a bigger meeting place and chairs whereby we will be able to worship without fear of breaking any social distance rule.

We are still preaching in this area and so far no one has come to the Lord by faith and we are still preaching and doing visitation to the families of the kids and neighbors hoping in due time the Lord of the harvest would draw many to Himself through the preaching of the Gospel. We visited one home and the lady was glad because no pastor or believer has ever visited her to bring her the gospel to her house.

WE are so grateful that our friends from The HOPE Movement are willing to support the mission in Kimilili which has really helped in the propagation of the gospel as we labor together with my brother in the Lord Maxwell Oloo.

All in all the Lord has been our encouragement in the Church plant process.

Please continue keeping us in prayer even as we pray for more doors to be opened to reach more people with the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Much grace to you and may peace from God guard your heart.

Regards Bro Edward Mutesa


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