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Supporting Others to Help Others in Kenya

The Hope Movement was able to send funds to missionary friends in Kenya to support several urgent needs. One of those needs was David's house. David is currently living in his house where one of the walls has completely fallen down. This happens sometimes with old mud houses during the rainy season. He is currently building a new mud house but was lacking 20 roofing sheets to get it completed. He wants to get the new house built and bring his children home. They are currently staying with extended family members. We were able to send funds to assist with this urgent need.

Another need we sent funds to support was from a member church of FARM (Fellowship of African Reformed Ministries) who are in a very remote and difficult to reach location at the pastor's homestead. The church has secured land a short distance away that is right off the main road, so it will be much easier for the nearby community to access it. We sent funds to Mercy Ministries to help them put up a new building on that land. They are able to use some material from the existing church building, but they will not be able to totally build it without some new materials. The total cost needed for the new structure is about $500. Just imagine being able to put up a new church building for $500! This church is very focused on the true Gospel, and it is very needed in a community that has no other real Gospel-preaching churches.

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