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Taken to Heaven

Life is just a stepping-stone A pause before we make it home A simple place to rest and be, Until we reach eternity. Everyone has a life journey, A path to take with lots to see God guides our steps along the way, But we were never meant to stay. Our final destination is a place Filled with love, His majesty and grace. Today we celebrate the life of a loved one Who has gone before us, the race he has won. His journey has now ended, His spirit has ascended Claiming the great reward With Jesus, our Lord. 

This week in our Haven of Hope Center in Guatemala City, Nuevo Amanecer we suffered a great loss. A baby of a family who attend our center became ill and passed away. This area where our center is located is consumed with poverty, violence and orphans. This is another heart-breaking reality that families face each day, because of lack of quality medical care and living in poverty they were not able to help their child in time.

Please help us assist this family during this difficult time by giving a donation to help with the funeral expenses. We only need to raise $100 today to help them with this urgent need. This family is going through so much at this time, image if this was your child. Help them find some peace and keep them in prayers and help provide them with a gift of love.

Join The Hope Movement and Give A Donation Today as We Need Your Support. You can Give Online or By Mail.

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