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Testimony: Alejandra Reads The Bible

Alejandra is a girl who we have known since she was a little girl and attends our Haven of Hope Center in Escuintla, Guatemala. On Wednesday we had a devotional, and ministered with the children, she was in charge of reading the Bible, and our teacher went to her home and mom told her that she was not sure if he could attend because she had several days of vomiting and diarrhea, and had taken medicine but had not improved. Her Mom asked if our teacher wanted to speak with Alejandra. She approached the door and saw her lying in a hammock, quite thin and without energy... but she said she would make the effort to go to the center, because she had the privilege of reading the Bible.

At the center she arrived and read the Bible, we began praying for the children including for the healing of Alejandra. The following day Alejandra came back to the center and said she felt back to normal. Thank you Jesus for hearing our cries and seeing the faithfulness of your servants.

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