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Testimony from Pastor Frederick in Kenya

Dear Brother Jonathan,

This our dear and lovely regards to God the Father, The Son, and The Holy spirit for what he used you to accomplish together with our lovely father Jim here in Kenya Africa. Thanks so much to have accepted the call of God to serve the orphans,widows, less privileged and the people of God wherever you've been allowed by God to go or step.

It is beautiful here in Kenya as we talk about that wonderful moment together with you and your father Jim. The people are testifying of great works through you, we are seeing many who have come to Christ, deliverance and breakthroughs and many are getting healed after listening to that powerful message from God through you. In fact healing is inevitable to many now for that was a true doctrine of Jesus Christ that has never been taught to us. Brother you reached and touched our hearts and life.

Our humble and sincere thanks to you, your father and your families, your dear and lovely wife and friends who contributed for your coming and what you are to accomplish brother. The children are still singing as tears flow from their eyes saying God have remembered them through you and as they pray for you and yours that you have long life and you prosper in your endeavors.

Pastors, the board are likewise very happy and they are more determined in their duties to care and serve the children and the community, the board says their prayers to God for you always and you are a daily song that you excel in all that you are doing as they also preach the same doctrine you were teaching us when you were here we promise you, when you come, you will see the fruits.

Thanks very much Pastor Fredrick in Kenya.

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