The Baltimore Mission Story

The Hope Movement united with like-minded churches has been evangelizing in a troubled community in Baltimore located on East North Avenue. We converted vacant lots into a Haven of Hope Community Garden where we not only landscape the garden to beautify the neighborhood but we also feed the hungry, pray with people, provide counseling and share the full counsel of God and the glorious truth of the gospel. Our evangelistic effort began in 2015 when Jonathan Roiz who is originally from Baltimore was living in Miami, Florida. In 2015 riots broke out throughout the city over the Freddy Grey case. Jonathan saw this on the news and his heart broke. He saw people without direction and hope. In a fallen world, unfortunately, there are social injustices, however, those in the city were blinded to see their own sin and the reality that they will all one day face the final justice of God if they do not turn from their sins. This led Jonathan to contact Baltimore City regarding adopting a 5 vacant lots right where the riots took place. Not knowing how God could use this idea, he began organizing volunteers from local churches. He flew up from Miami to Baltimore with his wife and children and they organized a mission day to transform the lots into a community garden. The vacant lots were filled with overgrown grass and trees,