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Twin babies saved from abortion

On Saturday, May 14, 2022, at a College Park abortion mill, women poured into the waiting room, and child sacrifice medical beds to murder their babies. However, God sent a preacher to stand outside the murder mill to proclaim the truth. This day changed the life of a woman named Sarah and her twin babies. Sarah is from Cameroon, on the Gulf of Guinea, which is a Central African country. She came to the U.S. a little over five years ago, seeking asylum from the violence plaguing her country with her husband and two children. Her marriage has also been beset by unfaithfulness and strife. Ending her marriage and now pregnant, she went to the abortion mill and, in her words, to kill her children. However, the providence of God had other plans.

A week after she planned to kill her baby, she sat with those who stand outside of abortion mills preaching the gospel and offering help at a dinner table, and there she told us her story. She passed the abortion clinic several times, making an error on the number for the address. Then, when she arrived, Michael was outside preaching the gospel and pleading for her baby's life. She walked inside the abortion mill with the preacher's words ringing in her ear. Sarah paid, received no counsel, had a sonogram, and discovered she was having twins. She asked the abortionists if she could think, and they asked why. They said your babies are growing quickly, and the longer you wait, the more money it will cost for the abortion, $2,000. She walked out and contacted a friend. Still hearing the preacher through the walls and her friend telling her not to do it, and now knowing she will have twins, she realized God was preventing her from killing her babies. She went back inside to get a refund which they did not want to provide. However, one of the “nurses” said you should go. She walked out. The preacher gave her his contact information and said, if you need anything, let us know. While at dinner she told us about her life in Africa, the struggles in her marriage, and that she went to an African church in Maryland that preached the prosperity gospel and manipulated the people. She expressed her gratitude that the preacher was outside that day and that she had this group of Christians walking with her on this journey. We provided her with a blessing bag with items for her babies, diapers, gospel tracts, resource information, and a list of biblical churches in her area.

We plan on having a baby shower for her twin babies in several months. If you would like to help please give online and we will share a baby registry soon. After the dinner, she hugged us and said thank you. This is why Christians need to go to your local abortion mill to be the voice of the voiceless. God, in His providence, can do miraculous things for His glory. Pray for Sarah and her twin babies.

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