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Twins Saved from Abortion

Nchwimeh Serophine (Ciara) was on her way to the abortion mill in College Park, Maryland. She is married with two children. The marriage is not good, so she thought the best option was to murder her children. When she arrived at the abortion mill, she heard a Christian preaching the gospel. She walked into the abortion mill, paid the fee, and received a sonogram. They informed her she was having twins. While inside the abortion mill, she could still hear the preaching of the gospel. Feeling convicted, she told the abortionist that she wanted to go outside to think. The abortionist said, "If you wait, it will be more expensive as those babies are getting bigger." She went outside, and the Christian called her over and pleaded on behave for the lives of the babies. That day she changed her mind. Later our team took her to dinner, gave her a blessing bag, and connected her to resources to help with living expenses and a baby registry. Today on Saturday, October 15, 2022, we had a beautiful baby shower for her two baby girls, who will be born in January. Hannah, Erika, Michael, Noah, Brandon, and Jeff did a wonderful job organizing this event.

If you would like to support this family and other babies saved through the preaching of the gospel outside of abortion mills, please go to our website to give online or by regular mail.

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