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UMGO Monthly Report: July & August 2019

United Ministries Gospel Outreach

Missionaries: Dwight & Cristina Spears


  1. Provided for the construction of 10 wooden tables for two separate outreaches, for children’s Bible literacy class at Sitio Bahi at Sitio Loyang, Brgy. Misibis, Bacacay Albay.

  2. Purchased 11 boxes (250 pcs) of Full Bible in Filipino language with free Bible Study materials – Tuklasin booklet at Bible League in Manila, Philippines.

  3. Completed the Biblical Counseling course at Bicol Center for Christian Leadership (BCCL) at Legazpi City.

  4. Provide Bibles for five separate churches for their Bible group studies for people who can’t afford to buy a Bible and for church planting. Pastor Anton, Pastor Roberto, Sister Anebelle and Brother JM.

  5. Completed the course Systematic Theology Part 2 at Bicol Center for Christian Leadership (BCCL) at Legazpi City.

  6. There are various times when the unexpected happens, we believe these are God sent such as the poor, disabled and homeless and other situations , we are able to help with food, monies and a gift of a Bible, some of these times give us an opportunity to meet new people share Jesus and pray with them.

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