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Urgent Request: Help Children Affected By Flooding in Kenya

The rainfall has caused landslides, washed away houses and flooded roads in Kenya near were our partners live and care for orphans. Just after they purchased food with the donations The Hope Movement sent a few weeks ago heavy rains hit the poor community where Pastor Frederick has dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel, helping the poor and rescuing orphans.

Three of the orphans have contracted malaria because of the sitting flood water and many in the community are sick and are in need of urgent medical care. We need your help to be able to send emergency aid to this community. The medical costs for the three orphans is around $140.00 and to assist others in the community they will need around $400.00. Please consider giving an urgent donation to help save the lives of those in desperate medical need.

Join The Hope Movement and Give A Donation Today as We Need Your Support. You can Give Online or By Mail.

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