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Watch how you talk about Christ's bride

For those talking about the church, the bride of Christ, asking where they are in all this...

The church is not watching Facebook, commenting, adding their opinion. The church is in the streets every week when there are no media or protestors present. They are sharing the gospel, feeding the hungry, loving people while no one is looking or paying attention, maybe because they are not seeking attention because they are doing it all for the glory of God ALONE. Ask where the church is, go into the streets and mission fields and you will find CHRIST's church, His bride, His body, the people He bought with a price. Those who know they are wretched sinners saved by grace alone through faith alone and because of His grace they live a life of obedience. Before we belittle the visible church (Which is made up of sheep and goats) remember the true church is His elect, regenerated, born again, adopted children of God, those being made to be like Christ. Remember that Christ, the head of the church is reigning and sovereignly leading and building His church. Watch how you talk about Christ's bride, get off the keyboard, and proclaim the gospel, the only solution to the world's sin pollution.

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